40:31 Athletes

40:31 athletes are distinguished individuals, who not only strive for success in their sport, but strive to be one with Christ.  We value our athlete’s hearts; as we know the condition of one’s heart is what makes the biggest impact to the world around us.  We stand behind the people who carry our name proudly and we are confident we have the hardest working, most talented, well-grounded individuals around.  We want them just as proud to wear the 40:31 logo on their shirts, as we are to stand behind them in their journey towards greater fitness. 


Cooper Wise


Cooper Wise is a full time ER nurse and part time crossfit athlete. He lives his life with the purpose of glorifying God through everything he does including relationships, work, and crossfit. Before making the 2017 CrossFit Regionals, he primarily competed in team competitions, but will now be turning his focus towards his individual crossfit career. Taking 13th at the South Regional this year showed him that he can compete with some of the best, and he will be using that momentum throughout this year of training to do everything he can to get back to regionals and push for a top 5 qualifying spot to make the CrossFit Games in 2018. We are honored to have Cooper as a part of the 40:31 Nutrition team.
Phone: 432-279-0898
Midland, TX